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This site is managed by W.M. Low & Partners, a firm of Advocates and Solicitors/Commissioners For Oaths/Notary Public, practising family law in Singapore. Our firm was established in May 1994. Our lawyers have more than 25 years of experience in family law matters. If you need help from experienced senior lawyers for family matters at a reasonable rate, you have come to the right place. We receive briefs from other law firms for contentious family matters.

This online site for family law matters was set up in 2003 and has been widely used by our clients as well as the public. Online legal services for non contentious matters such as Deed Poll, Separation DeedPower of AttorneyWills, Adoption are available. Alternatively please call us at 6534 1328. Our staff and lawyers will attend to your queries, 24/7. Our deed poll charges are S$70/- (change of names for adults), and for S$120/- for children.

For contentious family matters such as divorce, maintenance summons, application for personal protection orders, contested probate, the litigant seeking advice should disclose his or her identity and attend before the relevant solicitor in person before disclosure of any confidential information.  This is necessary to avoid any conflict situation that could arise in case the said solicitor had already been briefed by the opposing party. Online legal services for the following areas are available: Divorce, Personal ProtectionMaintenance Summons, Siblings Disputes,Witnessing Sworn Documents (Commissioning) For contentious matters, the online legal services are only available after a conflict search is conducted and payment made. For general queries on other areas of law, please visit Other Areas

Family Law Matters (Singapore)

The Family Justice Courts are located at Havelock Square(pictures shown above). Family matters can be categorized into mainly the following :(a) Divorce (b) Ancillary matters such as custody of children, access, Maintenance and division of matrimonial assets; (c) Personal Protection and domestic exclusion applications;(d) Maintenance applications during subsistence of marriage; (e) Adoption matters under the Adoption of Children Act; (f)   Applications under the Guardianship of Infant’s Act.

Mediation for family matters are however held at the MND complex. Probate and Adoption matters are likewise dealt with there.

Probate/Letters of Administration Application(Singapore)

Once a person has passed away, his assets cannot be dealt with until issuance of the Grant of Letters of Administration (Without Will) or the Grant of Probate  (with Will). The Court will issue the Grant after the Originating Summons application has been filed and the conditions as per the Act satisfied.

In the case where there is a Will, the time frame for the extraction of the Grant would be much shorter than a case without a Will.  We have applied for and obtained Grants for Probate within a few weeks from instructions adn receipt of the relevant documents, due to our experience in this area and the efficiency of the support paralegals and solictors in charge of this department.

For assets above S$5 million, the application is filed in the High Court. (latest directions). For assets below S$5 million, the application is filed in the Family Courts. The application can be filed through a firm of solicitors or designated service provider.  If you wish to engage us to apply for Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration, please visit our associate site at willsonline or call 6534 1328. For a simple Probate, our fees start from S$1200/-.

The fees and disbursements depend on the extent of the assets, nature of the assets and the location of the assets etc. For assets located overseas, you would have to apply for the re-sealing of the Grant in some instances or a fresh application in other instance, depending on which country the assets are located.

We will liase with foreign lawyers on your behalf for resealing of Grant overseas. The charges for the re-sealing of a Grant and application overseas vary, depending again on various factors. We also work with and receive instructions from foreign solicitors for resealing of overseas Grants in Singapore.

Juvenile Crime (Singapore)

The Juvenile Court, also housed in the same building as the Family Court deals with juvenile offenders committed by children (below 14 years old) or young persons (above 14 years old and below 16 years old), except where:

a)    The offence is triable only by the High Court.

b)    The child or young person is jointly charged with another person who is above 16 years old.